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    Guys, i am confused:

    Note 28 States that $47,033,000 worth of Nexcode revenue is from Malaysia. And Nil from China. Total $47,033,000

    Note 4 States: $3,334,000 from Malaysia and $43,699 from China. Total $47,033,00....

    Which way is it?

    Most Important!!!!
    - The Trade Receivables... are they outstanding from China or Malaysia???? If it is Malaysia it is not good news..... I hope it's China!!! Which one is it???

    This is a HUGE Mistake from the Auditors if the revenue is all from Malaysia, as all the budgetary commitments etc from Malaysia area huge thing at the moment. I think china is safe and wouldn't have brought in if it was stated as only being from Malaysia!!!!

    I will be taking the auditors to court if this is the case.... Who is with me???
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