security council and israel’s nuclear arsenal

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    An authoritative confirmation of Israel possessing a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons was first revealed and published throughout the world as early as Oct 5, 1986. Mordechai Vanunu an Israeli technician worked for 15 years in the most secret underground Israeli nuclear installation at Damona. It was he who divulged the secrets and the photos to the London Sunday Times. He was kidnapped in England by Mossad, taken to Israel, secretly tried and sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, out of which, he spent 12 years in solitary confinement. He was released in April this year. (For full information you may log on

    The fact that Israel is in possession of nuclear weapons is, undoubtedly, well known to the Security Council and the rest of the world since 1986. It indeed is travesty of justice to facilitate Israel for 18 long years from taking any appropriate action.

    IAEA is, therefore, not justified, morally and legally, to investigate the nuclear programme of Iran, North Korea or any other country when Israel has been exonerated for such a long time. Security Council is mandated to stop nuclear proliferation, establish its writ in Israel, dismantle and decimate its nuclear capabilities. It is equally important to find out the source that transferred the nuclear technology and supplied the equipment in making Israel a nuclear threat to the world peace.

    World peace can only be achieved through justice and treating all countries alike. It is, therefore, imperative that IAEA should send its experts to Israel at the earliest to investigate its nuclear arsenal and the presence of WMD as expeditiously and thoroughly as it did in Iraq. Refusal by Israel to comply should invoke economic and other sanctions followed by use of force, if necessary, as has been done in Iraq.

    Alas! sense of justice and respect for rule of law so essential for world peace is at the mercy of big brothers armed with draconian veto power in the Security Council. The veto power has so often been used by USA to shield the aggressor Israel, from taking any meaningful action by the Security Council.

    The time has come for the non-veto countries to unite and do away with veto power from this august body. Security Council imbalanced with veto cannot dispense justice and bring peace and stability to the present day destabilized and distressed world. I am afraid Security Council and IAEA will again be incapacitated by USA with its veto from any action being taken against Israel’s nuclear threat to the world peace.

    Is not it high time to wake up and shake up the United Nations by denuding the Security Council from its draconian veto power?

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