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    As the of retirement comes,what are they going to do with the bag of money coming from superannuation.The house is paid for and may be sold to downsize;investments are probably off the agenda,rather spending has replaced it.As the BB have been the powerhouse of the years since WW2 they will be a force as they retire.Immensely wealthy as compared to their predecessors,having had full employement,inflation gains,inherited real estate from parents and superannuation schemes,they are ready to embark on the next stage of their lives.SPENDING the money;even though they will need some for essential needs there will be plenty left over and of course money burns holes in pockets.The tourism and leisure index seems to have picked up the message that some of the loose change will find its way into that sector.It is making a 7 year high and looks to go further.Those holidays that were put off while bringing up the kids,dining out instead of cooking,weekends away,visit to casino,spa's instead of pools..........i've heard it called the SKI generation.....Spending the Kids Inheritance.BB were always selfish so will still follow this path.And further down the track will be their medical expenses when the pendulum will turn and they will be the loosers!
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