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Secondary trading on Primary Markets

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    I'm interested in acquiring more shares through primary markets when AB1 commence trading there tomorrow. So, I found the fees. Wow, too expensive to just dabble around with a few shares.


    Animoca Brands Corporation Limited – Private Trading Hub

    PrimaryMarkets Fees and Charges

    Trade Fees (on each individual transaction)
    The Seller will incur a fee upon each successfully completed sale equal to the greater of $275.00 (plus GST); and
    • 4.5% (plus GST) of the gross proceeds of sale per transaction up to a transaction value of A$10,000.00, or
    • 3.5% (plus GST) of the gross proceeds of sale per transaction for all transaction values greater than A$10,000.00
    Buyer to pay $275.00 (plus GST) transaction fee.

    Automic Registration Fees

    A fee of AUD $55.00 (per transfer, inclusive of GST) is payable by the Seller to Automic Pty Ltd for security validation services prior to the registration of each transfer.
    Where there is more than one off-market transfer with the same Seller(s) or Transferor(s) named, lodged at the same time (the registration name and address details
    must be an exact match) only one fee of AUD $55.00 is payable. Otherwise, the fee is payable per off-market transfer lodged.
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