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    I must admit I was very impressed with AGM presentation.
    Reading between the lines it appears more stat mux 2 settlements on the cards. Oracle case could be a winner. Deutche Telecom(DT) case also to the fore as with the German Supreme Court having validated the patent, Ipernica could ask the court for an injunction to close down DTs network that uses the SAR technology. The company view is that DT will be anxious to settle rather than face that prospect.

    The Nearmap info seemed to indicate that the potential could be huge,enormous. I was impressed by the Nearmap CEO, Stuart Nixon and his basis for the alliance with IPR, that is to utilise Ipernicas IP expertise to protect the Nearmap patents particularly in the USA. He said the interest by major media players is huge and there is dialogue already taking place. The likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft will be watching developments very closely and the technologies key target will be advertising and there is also huge interest by Government bodies particularly in infrastructure areas.

    Given the potential of this technology in my humble opinion it could be company transforming if it all works out. Strongly recommend you all watch the channel 7 story on the Nearmap technology to be shown on I think it was either the 6th or 8th of Dec. That story should IMO arouse interest worldwide.

    Another point that was made in the Nearmap presentation is that while there is a global recession, history has indicated that media advertising does well during these times and enhanced and cheaper technologies will prove even more attractive to the advertising media.

    Ipernica CEO Graham Griffiths pointed out that unlike many highly geared companies who are suffering at this time, Ipernica has no debt other than operating costs and is cashed up. Further its litigation costs are minimised by stratic partnerships with law firms and in the case of the action in Germany a good portion of costs is covered by insurer Lloyds.

    All in all a very sound and exciting presentation. I could be wrong but feel that in 12-18 months time people will reflect back to the current share price and say "if only I had bought then".

    Good luck to all Ipernica shareholders.
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