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seasons greetings all red team

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    I would like to take the opportunity (while I have some time up my sleeve) to send a sincere wish for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the RED team on Hotcopper and a message to "Keep The Faith"!

    I will be in and out of action over the Festive Season, last time it was just the mates, now I have promised to arrange time for the missus and family and although I will keep my eye on RED I can't be assured that I will be able to regularly post on HC.

    But don't be fooled, its not that I am deserting the ship, I remain completely and steadfastly an avid RED investor and will remain so until well after the first gold is poured at Siana (and I am very much interested in attending the mine opening, NO JOKE Anderbond! to any other takers.)

    And besides I am a pain in the ass according to my missus so I have no plans to stop posting, but not so often over the next days/weeks!

    I remain committed as a fairly significant investor in RED, even if the price threatens to drop to less than US$800, because sure as hell if I sell it at any time soon RED share price will rise to $1.00!.

    So please don't think I have succumbed to the panic attacks, and don't think I have ever given up trying to defend RED in the face of the nanosecond trader who is trying to downramp RED. I believe that Petard's advice on another thread is very apt, ie don't look at the screen constantly nor look how much (opportunity cost) has been lost.

    I remain of the opinion that RED WILL move up to a share price WELL IN EXCESS of current levels, even if it plumbs some lower levels along the way remember its not just the daily battles that will make you succeed, its your time in the game and seeing through to the end of the war that gives the greatest reward! (Of course many will argue that the opportunity cost is not worth the pain of hanging around, but who knows how far RED can climb to from here, it COULD be a $1.00 share because of Mapawa or some other thing come out of the woodwork - I have seen so many shares with a great project eventually get taken out by some corporate raider at price multiples far in excess of the fundamental value, and also Siana has more resource to be added beyond its current estimates IMO).

    So once again I wish you all a Great Festive Season, and MAKE sure you shareholders put in a proxy (when the form arrives in the mail) to APPROVE the fund-raising package resolutions regarding placements at 15.5 cents.

    I believe RED will deliver a Happy and Prosperous New Year for all holders!

    Up, Up and Further Up RED!
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