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    Hi Pat,

    Today's addition of the search function is a great bonus for the HC community as it provides added depth and flavour to the myriad of views held by all concerned within this forum.

    In recent times, HC has digressed away from the main game of swapping views on stcoks, share market trends, and differing economic perspectives. In doing so, personal invective has become very much the flavour of the day with added ramblings on, reactions, to, attacks of, different posters, for any number of reasons.

    The absence of a suitable search function has meant that some of these people have either quickly become bored, and hence turned personal, or have been unable to validate the observations of fellow posters. hence, they have turned personal.

    Now, with the search function in place, we can all see what everyone has posted on since circa April. In doing so, not only do we all now have access to a wealth of stored knowledge, whether it be on Telstra, Tanami, Gold, the oil stocks, Hellraiser's banks, etal, but we also have the ability to validate what other posters have been saying on different matters for some time now.

    I am, therefore, of the view, that today's addition of a search function is a groundreaking improvement which should quickly result in the following:
    a return to quality postings by current, former and prospective community members;
    a more robust exchange of views, including in many cases, building upon a theme of one sort or another;
    a decline in the boredom factor implicit in the postings of some;
    a reduction in the personal invective (ie: shouldered by a return to the main game, without distractions, etc); and
    a gem of a site that offers rich hoardings for those who seek to search out the views of others in a variety of matters (ie: telco views, oil views, etc).

    Pat, today's innovation is great to see. I now trust that it will herald in a new approach to postings that our community is (or should be) renowned for.

    Well done.
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