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    Hole-Digger the Perfect Woman for New Zealand
    Wed Oct 2,10:27 AM ET

    WELLINGTON (Reuters) - A remote bar in New Zealand's mountainous South Island is searching for the perfect woman -- a southern belle who can back a trailer load of hay, change a car tire and dig in a fence post.

    Publican Stew Burt, who runs the Bullock Bar in the town of Wanaka, said he has 15 entries for his Perfect Woman competition, which offers a cash prize of $474 and a trip for two to a rugby game or other sports event in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city around 620 miles to the north.

    Competitors must also throw a set of curling stones, clear a pool table, darn a sock, blow a dog whistle, lift a ram into shearing position, and use anything but a bottle opener to uncap a bottle of beer.

    New Zealand has a strong history of promoting women to top positions, including Prime Minister Helen Clark.

    The country, home to 3.9 million people and 44 million sheep, has nearly 14 million hectares of land used mainly for grazing sheep, cattle and deer.

    Burt said the late October charity event was, in part, a recognition of the Southern pioneering woman.

    "She might not be a picture, but she can do a lot of things a lot of other women can't do," Burt told Reuters.

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