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Scripps Research study identifies existing drugs as potential COVID-19 therapies, page-3

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    So they killed covid in a dish, eh?

    That's your answer for 100% survival of BIT225 treated Covid infected Humanised Mice of which 100% of the untreated infected mice died and bringing back all but one of the mice dealing with a massive viral load and treated with BIT225 24 hours later. Noting that in the second trial, all the mice deprived of BIT225 died as well.

    Case in point. we all have a different experiences with Covid, but the difference of 24 hours for me was going from headache and weakness to planning a trip to the bathroom like trying to reach the next camp on Mt Everest. Not exactly certain of getting there and back to bed.

    Not to mention guidance for a very fast and legit human trial of BIT225 on Covid infected Humans by the FDA.

    Not to mention masses of safety dosing data from dosing heaps of humans.

    Maaate! Are you sure you are legit? Not up to a BIT of mischief on here?

    Appealing to our sense of fairness so that you can throw mud at the wall?

    Stick to the finances for your attacks.

    You really don't seem to know much about the science.

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