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    Having reviewed the succession of announcements and the Company's recent Boardroom Radio accompanying Powerpoint, I detect a carefully managed but yet underlyingly aggressive approach to ensuring shareholders get the absolute maximum out of this project.

    The Real Scope

    This project has such a potential scope that believability becomes a factor. Take a look at pages 30 and 31 of the company's Boardroom Radio presentation. The two slides show the reprocessed radiometrics for the area. What is significant about this reprocessed data is its correlation with the actual results being found in the field.

    Since this presentation the mineralisation has been confirmed at very high grade around the excised area as a continuation of the trend highlighted running to the NW.

    If you look further to the:
    * SE along strike
    * N directly above and parralel to the high grade outcrop
    * S 10km below the high grade outcrop will see replications of the same reprocessed radiometric signatures.

    One could assume that these areas will potentialy yield even more high grade zones, which will extend the total length of high grade zones to a distance well into the hundreds of kilometres.

    Yesterdays announcement regarding the discovery of high grade mineralization near surface at the base of a very large +70sqkm of sequence of laterites gently dipping to the North has emerged as a potential Left Field Super Lotto Bonus Draw.

    Do the Maths - its scary. One can assume the area of laterites has been played to the downside due to the promenance and area concerned and that believability factor. However half that area again and you are looking at over 105million tonnes of ore for every 1m of thickness. Should the grade hold up and the thickness improve the tonnage skyrockets.

    Such mineralisation over a large area at that depth becomes a basic strip mining operation. Low Cost - High Yield.

    So now the Company has two extensive styles of target mineralization with the third yet to be tested (Colluvials). With evidence that mineralisation runs at depth on the Ullawarra formation and the recent realisation of high grade mineralisation in extensive laterites I believe the Company is no longer looking at 10's of millions of tonnes. The scope has well and truly lifted of into the 100's of millions of tonnes.

    I would expect a steady information flow from now through to drilling as the Company unveils its plans and provides the market with greater geological modeling etc for the areas where drilling will be taking place.

    I would also expect serious news and media coverage as the upside is on a scale of discovery which has the potential to surpass both other manganese producing districts in Australia.

    This being said - the scale of the project is also now of a size to add comfort to the astute serious international investors who just loves to back these things. Remember a guy called Andrew Forrest. Who backed him?

    With only around 40 trading days till March 2010, expect corporate interest to warm up.

    Looking forward to catching up with the investor relations manager today.

    And another well done Aksier - You picked it at 8cents and never let up.


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