scraping the biotech barrel...imu

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    How low have we got...IMU is into pigs,chickens and fleas on dogs and cats.How the mighty sector has fallen;our favourites are not now saving lives with wonder drugs and getting worldwide patents that will make millions of dollars.No.they are giving a better life for our farm animals and pets.I guess we have all realised in the back of our minds that no Oz company will ever be allowed to get a patent in the good old USA and steal away some sir.We will have to do with home grown drugs that we don't have to ask permission to use.The crumbs from the big table.
    However that does not weaken our inbuilt gambling ability,we know a good runner when we see it,so IMU is off and running in the bio stakes but keep using the old flea powder that you have used for years[made in the USA!].
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