scrambling for arctic resources

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    Looks like the " Greens " lost this one !!


    Scrambling for Arctic Resources


    *** According to statistics from the American National Snow and Ice Data Center, Arctic sea ice covers 3.41 million square kilometers. A wealth of untapped resources lie below.

    *** Earlier this month, the Arctic research vessel Sikuliaq was launched into the Menomonee River in Marinette, Wiscosin. The vessel will be used for Arctic research -- exploring new trade routes, researching eco-tourism possibilities and watching offshore petroleum development -- off the coast of Alaska in 2014.

    *** As the vast potential of the Artic Ocean becomes more clear, countries including the United States are building up a military presence in the region. In March 2011, a US Navy Sea Wolf-class nuclear submarine surfaced through ice in the Artic Ocean.

    *** This summer, China sent this ice-breaker, Snow Dragon, through the Arctic Ocean. The country, a new player in the region, is interested in finding shorter trade routes as well as natural resources.

    *** Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and the United States are facing the reality that other countries are becoming more interested in the region.
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