Scomo is Ironing Out Australia's Future (not!)

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    Iron ore imports to China are to be halved by 2030 as Beijing looks to expand the scrap steel recycling industry, Rafael Suchan, CEO of Germany-based metal recycling company Scholz Recycling Group, told the nationalistic publication.

    Chen Hong, a professor and director of the Australian Studies Center at the East China Normal University, told the Global Times, the Australian economy could enter a "wintry period" as a result.

    He warned Prime Minister Scott Morrison to "stop deluding people" that bilateral trade is not suffering as a result of strained relations and warned China will be left with no choice but to seek alternatives as the Morrison government continues its combative approach.

    Under China's 14th Five-year Plan, Beijing plans to increase its crude steel made with recycled steel from 22 per cent to 30 per cent, Mr Suchan says. The recycling industry for scrap steel is expected to double in 10 years.

    It's not that I'm not pro-recycling. I am. Its just Scomo caused this issue with China for NO GOOD REASON except that it worked for America. Not Australia. America.

    There would have been the investigation by the World Health Organisation, WITHOUT him causing a standoff with Australia's largest trading partner, and hurting Australias farmers, fishers and imperling even its miners.

    And for what? To get in good with Trump, who got voted out anyway, and make Australia's UK and EU allies go "no, he didn't talk to us about it, and if he had, we would have said 'let's do this as a team'". So that then... what happened? Oh, that's right, China bought the barley from the US instead. So - well done Scomo. You supported America, not Australia. And that didn't work for Australia - but did work for Trump.... all of those "America First" discussions in that dinner in the Rose Garden, must have really gotten into your head...

    https://www.copyright link/world/asia/china-steps-up-warnings-buys-us-barley-russian-beef-20200515-p54tag

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