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    Does it ever occur to you that the character and motives you give to this Jehovah are about as unworthy, even pathetic, as a Human can get ?
    An entity who has a constant need for worship and adoration from insignificant inferiors, demands that everyone constantly recognize his might and power ... someone who gets upset if one of these inferiors uses his wrong "personal" name or doesn't treat it with the respect he claims.
    To cap it off he inflicts ultimate punishment of all sorts for non compliance with these trivia.

    If this was a human he would be regarded by any sane thinking person as a vain, egotistical, needy, power mad psychopath. The kind that has always been successful in leading the sheep to do the most horrendous acts against fellow humans.

    Is this how you imagine the Creator of The Universe ?
    To depict the Creator as such an entity is far, far worse than any other disrespect I can think of.

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