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    "yasooo will you swallow what the Prophet Mohammad and what Allah and Islam teaches you to be true.

    Go on take in big spoonful yasoooo of Islamic antidotes to diseases."

    RM did you forget to point him in the direction of the real God's wisdom and knowledge as was imparted to Moses & Aaron in Leviticus 14 re the rituals required to treat leprosy and make sure it is removed from within the stones of an unclean house. Nothing like the blood of an innocent bird sprinkled here and there to cleanse a house of leprosy.

    Talk about people who live in glass houses and fail to see the log in their own eye.

    My hunch is you are jealous because Islam documents details of the fires of hell where the skin of unbelievers is painfully burnt off then re-applied in order to be burnt off again .. and again, surely a torture worth considering to add to own collection.
    Then to complete the picture they claim it as scientific knowledge about pain receptors and nerve endings in the skin !!

    Truly the mind boggles at the ignorance of religious fundamentalists of all types.

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