"How seriously should a footy player quoting from the bible be...

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    "How seriously should a footy player quoting from the bible be taken..."

    Perhaps someone can explain to me why all this fuss over a football player posting his opinion of what his Christianity teaches.
    Why would anyone in the categories he quotes as headed for hell, be the slightest bit concerned or even interested .. let alone offended by something they don't even believe in ?
    Those who agree with what he says will not change their mind no matter how many complain about "hate speech", discrimination etc and those who don't agree surely have no reason to help publicize his narrow views.

    I haven't heard of any marches and mass protests from fornicators adulterers, liars, thieves and drunks etc.
    In terms of participants they would overwhelmingly outnumber homosexuals, even though many would qualify in several categories !

    In my view this is another example of an agenda that is about manipulating societal views, rather than any real concern about homosexuality or injustice.

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