In regards to evidence for a God (He), its a "conceptual...

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    In regards to evidence for a God (He), its a "conceptual "He"" exists because we exist. Anything outside of the Manifestation of God is a figment of my imagination.
    That's an assertion that needs to be firstly defined and then demonstrated. Using this logic I would claim that it is God that it the figment of the imagination.

    When I say "Manifestation of God", I do not have to explain the existence of a "God (He)" because it is in reference to the "God within me", the "supreme potential". The Manifestation of God is the manifestation of that "supreme potential"
    If that is true then I would argue that there is no difference between your belief and that of a humanist who believes in striving for our potential. At most "God within me" is no more than a figure of speech for what I may be ultimately capable of.

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