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schramm rig mobilised

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    Rig Mobilised in Preparation for Drilling of Multi-lateral
    Production Pilots

    Eastern Star Gas (ASX: ESG), together with joint venture partner Gastar Exploration Ltd (AMEX: GST & TSX: YGA.TO), is pleased to announce that following an extensive fitout in Queensland the new Schramm TXD drilling rig commenced mobilising to site on 11 November.

    Following its arrival in Narrabri, the drilling rig will be rigged up and commissioned at Bibblewindi‑12, the first of three vertical wells to be drilled as part of the first of two multi-lateral production pilots to be completed at Bibblewindi.

    Bibblewindi-12 is located about 4 km south of the existing Bibblewindi 9-spot production pilot and has been selected as the site for the first multi- lateral completion because:

    • the Bohena coal seam is well developed, with a net thickness of around 20 metres (based on nearby corehole results from Bibblewindi - 11C); and

    • good seismic data is available to assist with lateral design and drilling.

    Mr David Casey, Managing Director of ESG, commented that “the state-of-the-art Schramm drilling rig has been contracted on a long term basis to ensure ESG’s exploration and future development drilling can be carried
    out as required. The drilling rig has the capacity to drill all well types appropriate for development of the Narrabri CSG project, including laterals that may ultimately be more than 2 kilometres long”.

    Mr Casey added that “the capability of this rig for drilling at Narrabri means that time lost during the fit out phase should be recovered as more wells are drilled”.
    In addition, ESG is pleased to announce that construction crews are being mobilised today to install flowlines to transport water and gas from the upcoming lateral pilot wells back to the existing Bibblewindi 9-spot production pilot.

    Mr Casey said that “by having gas and water flowlines pre-installed ESG will be able to bring new production pilot wells on line as soon as they are completed. Water will be treated by reverse osmosis to produce drinking quality water, and gas will be transported to the Wilga Park Power Station through a large diameter, fibreglass flowline that is scheduled for construction later this year. Utilisation of pilot production gas at Wilga Park is both environmentally friendly and will generate a sustainable cash flow”.
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