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    I agree Psychiatrist that sceptism can be healthy but only to a degree. After this point it is nothing but an affliction of the worst kind - one where the sceptic just refuses to believe the evidence infront of them and constantly shifts the posts to keep a sceptical viewpoint. To me this polarised viewpoint is just as bad as that from those who dont research but talk up the stock. I will add that adding a sceptical view does not counter a non sceptical view. They are both different sides of the same coin ie the wrong coin. Please do not mistake scepticism for pragmatism.

    The fact remains that many successful businessmen and businesses have had failures along the path to success. The eventual success is their strength and a result of previous failures. God knows how many exams I have failed down the years. Not once did my parents ever say 'Son, you have failed once so will bever be successful'. Could you imagine how life would be today with such a negative attitude - we would still probably be living in caves!

    So back to scepticism. Where will it end? If Sanofi puts in an order for 150m syringes per annum for 5 years, will the sceptics not say that it is not a 400m order and is not a repeat order for 20years? Will the margins also then not be questioned for the future years? There will be no end to scepticim but all the while the company will progress as its has been, and all the while the sceptics will ignore this progress because the progress just doesn't 'sit right'. This same record will run and run and run. Surely at the end of the day it is a question of value. The market will value this stock (correctly or incorrectly) and all the personal ifs and buts will be irrelevent, but yes eventually the company will have to deliver and so far it is.

    A couple of questions for xFire or any else from the same view, and would appreciate it if you would answer them.

    a) In a previous post xFire, you mentioned a 10% margin. The well researched Griffin and CCZ reports since use far higher margins in their calcuations. xFire, should we be more sceptical of those reports than of your view?

    b) xFire you have also mentioned that by the time UNI produce and annual amount of 1billion units, there will be 600million shares on issue due to director options. Do you have anything to back this up, because that would involve about 40 sets of shares and options like the one we are asked to vote on next week. Are you suggesting that it will take 40 years for Unilife to deliver this 1 billion units, or are you suggesting that the there will be an exponential increase in the amount of shares and options being requested by directors over the next 6 years?

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