VCR ventracor limited

scenarios and ratings

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    1. Main Scenarios and probability:

    Takeover: 30%

    Do it yourself: 40%

    Engage Partner: 30%

    As the price rises, more Inst/big investors will buy and VCR could be accorded more protection.

    Comments: If VCR feels that the results in Phase III are not likely to be much different than Phase II because of the super reliability of the device, then they are not likely to share the benefits with others/alternatively, a partner will pay a high cost.

    Obviously, in that case prospective partners will be very keen to get in to dramatically improve their E/S after Phase III and FDA approval have been obtained.

    2. Current take-over value.
    That will be a subjective one but a marauder will need to pay $4 to get a say 75% stake. The rest will be blocked.
    Then there will be a problem with staffing in a take-over as their cooperation is needed.

    Those are my opinions,

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