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    The ASX contacted the Company and was told by the same person "the company was currently in the process of completing the placement of up to 150 million shares at 18.8 cents."

    The announcement is taking some time but they do have 3 months or less then two months left to complete the placement under ASX rules.
    Of course we should expect it to be completed sooner.
    It could be next week, it could be Monday.

    One thing though is certain, if it does not happen there will be big trouble for them as the ASX have been involved and will be again if it does not go through and they know this.

    One reason companies get away with things is there is no official complaints put in.
    They are not going to act unless this happens.

    The reason they would be involved is that people have bought shares because of this announcement regarding the placement, and they have sent e-mails saying investors sought this placement.
    It is not a matter of them simply saying we will try to do this placement because they have stated they have been approached.

    The current price is saying some believe the placement and some do not, when the announcement comes through some or all the placement is done there will be a very quick rise.

    Then we may find out as well why the investors sought this placement, this could be very interesting.

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