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Scaring away Mining Investment in Tasmania et al

  1. MrQ
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    So we are now over 2 1/2 months since the Fed Court Case was adjourned - judgement reserved on 13 November 2014.


    I know all about Christmas break etc, but I have been assured by the Fed Court people that the break was only 3 weeks max, less for most there.

    This must be so enjoyable for our resource competitors worldwide seeing these sorts of things happen. Not enjoyable for the local people impacted - in the local area unemployment is still >40% and these aren't your classic inner-city, outer-suburban or fringe of rural town with no clue about the real world greenies here. These people are the 99% and they expect better from our judiciary and law-makers.

    Looking forward to a decision here, as are VMS and Fed Govt to finally get back the estimated $500k+++ they are likely going to be owed via the standard court process for costs.
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