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    It was like taking candy from a baby. Woolworths. We buy Huggies or Baby Love nappies, they alternate specials, so you never pay full price. Today BL had Junior for $26.95, cheap as chips. For some reason I ended up in another section of the store that had nappies also. I noticed BL at $25.
    Completed my shopping and then went to the service desk. I pointed out the price is different from the Special tag on the shelf. Thank you very much, reversed the transaction and I get to keep the nappies for free.
    I once had Avocados scan wrong, got a refund. Then the following week I noticed the price was still incorrect. I didn't need any Avocados but thought why not when they're going to be free. I told the Manager I can keep doing this for as long as it takes him to change the price, as it was him that refunded me the previous week. LOL
    I always check my docket, especially to make sure 2 for 1 or similar discounts get charged correctly.
    I only started checking closely about 15 years ago. I used to 'laugh' at my mum who said she always checks. I had bought a book and didn't know the price so I checked the docket when I got home. It showed I purchased 2kgs of Parsnips??? What! Went back the next business day. The Supervisor honoured a refund and believed I didn't purchase them, laughing, that she would be 'concerned' if I did buy 2kgs of Parsnips. From that day on I checked for prices and correct items 'mysteriously' appearing on my docket.
    Please check, it only takes a minute and you would be amazed how many errors occur during the course of a year. Probably an impressive low ratio compared to the over all number of scans but a saving is a saving. :))
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