sbs tv - jewish/ christian religion

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    brilliant series on sbs tv, for those interested in religion. i am a committed atheist (ex believer), and have no time for religion. the series (sunday night 7.30) is most interesting, and looks at the historical development - eg, a couple of snippets from last night

    the book of job, first dealt with why good men should be good - after all, why be good, if good things still happen to bad people. apparently for the first time, the concept of the after life, for good people, was the reward for being good.

    the book of maccabees, is apparantly the first time that people die (martyrs), for their religion. it appears, that at first, the maccabeans refused to fight on the sabbath, because it broke gods laws - they simply got killed. never the less, they were able, then to interpret scripture, so that they could fight on the sabbath, if they were in a position of defending themselves.

    i suppose the series will move on to the christian thing. if it does, then i will try and remember to watch, if only from seeing something from the historical viewpoint.

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