sbs doco shows the difference

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    I'm watching this sbs doco comparing the pasts of the two men running for the US presidency.

    Kerry was an honest to God war hero and later a conscientious objector because of the things he saw. He put his life on the line for his country and then had the balls to say "we were wrong."

    On the other hand GWB doesn't compare so well. Using his father's money and influence to dodge the draft he was a "good time boy." Drinking and partying his way through the whole thing.

    I know that was so long ago and they are different men now but I know who I respect and who I don't.

    Those of you who are blind right wing supporters, I will defend to the death for you to hold any views you want. What I cannot believe for even a moment is that you truly, in your heart have any respect for GWB the man. You can respect the office, you can respect that he is the leader of the Republican party, that's all fine.

    What you cannot escape is that the man himself is and was a piece of sh!t.
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