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    Solbec Pharmaceuticals Ltd today have commissioned Bioscience Pty Ltd to oversee and manage their Horticultural facility. The facility in Baldivis approximately 50km south of Perth is being developed as the primary site for the growth of solanum linnaeanum (Devils Apple). Solanum linnaeanum is the source of the Solbecs lead cancer compound SBP002 (BEC-2S).

    The initial plan is to plant 10,000 plants on approximately 30% of the available land. This will provide sufficient SBP002 for the next two years. The Bioscience contract is for planting, cultivation and management of the facility. It also requires Bioscience to survey and clear the land and install an irrigation/fertigation system for the plantation.

    The commissioning of the plantation and involvement of Bioscience is a further confirmation of the commitment of the Board and Management of Solbec to the commercialisation of their lead cancer compound SBP002.

    Bioscience is a Western Australian company which started in 1992, is the only company which provides analytical and technical services specifically for the horticultural industries. It undertakes research and development in such areas as crop nutrition, composting and soil microbial ecology, and has quietly but progressively become one of the leading horticultural consultants in the state.

    The companys client base includes industry leaders in vegetable production and hydroponics, and has expanded to include nurseries, broadacre farming, olive production, orchards, plantation forestry and viticulture. The company has a modern, sophisticated laboratory and horticulture research facility at Oakford.

    Bioscience brings together professionals with expertise in plant sciences, soil sciences and microbiology. Their philosophy is to use an integrated approach to develop and promote production systems that are both profitable and environmentally sustainable.

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