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** sb2000 - h/c feedback section! roflmaao!

  1. 2,257 Posts.
    *Stupid Bastard* x(2000 times) aka SB2000, has posted no less than 11 times in recent days to H/C Admin. on 'Feedback', that people/posters keep responding to his/her/tranny? posts using
    a 'profanity'.
    I would put it to Hot Copper Admin. and fellow posters
    that SB 2000 is not simply paranoid and delusional, he is
    indeed all things that a 'profanity' is meant to infer!
    He offers this site nothing except bile spewed from his
    cavernous brain, and is a constant pain in the arse*
    to all of us, (except Gobler perhaps, but then again thinking about the two pillow biters together, I'm sure they'd both agree that they do indeed give each other a pain in the arse) I'm sure!
    Simple remedy............remove SB 2000 from H/C and there won't be the need for any retaliatory posts to 'it',
    and thereby using and requiring a profanity!
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