save the world share price

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    Symbol - ZERO- US market.

    Up to $1.85 last night in trading and closed at $1.70 up another 10c US on the previous nights trading. Up 75% in 3 nights trading since I tipped it. Convert your dollars back to Aussie and almost 110% profit.

    Buy some in Monday nights trading if you missed out, more upside coming with this one. Buy some to hold and some to do short trades.

    Should make over $2, I think by mid next week.

    Previous incompetents replaced by good management team, testing well under way.
    Big rises down the track when independent test results confirm fuel saving capabilities and environmental value.

    Think of all the vehicles in the world, fit these devices to 10% and 'wam bam thank you maam' $$$ ching ching.
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