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    To my legions of fans(Hello Mum) if you have not taken my tip already re this

    Get onto it soon.

    I started tipping last week in the 90's cents(US Dollars of Course) even though I had bought at 30c a long time ago and it was plaged with incompetent management.

    The company now has its act together and the CEO has advised an associate of mine the next month will see a dramatic rise in shareprice on further release of info. Up to you if you buy short term or long but there is money to be made here.

    Last Friday stock traded up to $2.50 before last sale at $2.20 Erin Brockovich and Ed Masry helping to push this company and product. $3+ soon then convert back to Aussie dollars for bonus profits$$$$$$$ You should research this one Stolly.
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