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    If you were to look at the initial results, you might think they don't look strong but here are several main reasons why they are very strong.
    The surface material is not the main game, they have found diamonds at or very close to surface. This is recent material which means the diamonds were deposited on site recently. These are gem quality diamonds and one would not expect to find diamonds that close to the surface.
    The main game are the slightly deeper more ancient gravels. These gravels are the real diamond trap and they have not been accessed just yet, simply because they needed a larger machine on site to penetrate the calcrete.
    The Marangi deposit is basically the bottom of an ancient pipe and some 80% of that piped has been washed away. Where do you think a lot of those diamonds ended up? Where do you think a lot of the other pipes diamonds ended up? You will notice that these diamonds are different colour's as well, suggesting more than one pipe has ended up on this ground. These guys have only scratched the surface and they have already found diamonds.

    Mustangs area is feed by Marangi and many other diamond pipes over many tens of millions of years. All the diamonds that have been found to date, have been washed there from these major diamond pipes up stream. The company has proven the geological model straight up. This is a big lease and ancient river beds lay under this surface material and can be accessed with the right equipment. The company has announced that this equipment has been purchased. It is either onsite now or being transported there now.
    The deeper gravels are the real game changer. Take a look at NWF preso's and you will see they have some 10m of waste sitting on top of a very thin diamond layer. I don't think they are finding any diamonds until they hit that layer, so MUS results are very encouraging. I think its way too early to put the cue in the rack here, its only starting. If these ancient gravels come in, the stock will be completely different and the register will change very quickly. You dont have to wait a year to find out since these guys should find stuff within the next couple of months. dyor
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