saudis are infiltrating iraq..

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    Why would they be doing this?

    The war is over...Saddam is gone...the people are in the zone whereby if the radicals, subversives and stirrers left well enough alone, they'd be able to start to get their lives back on track

    But no..., instead, we got them blowing up the drinking water - OF THE PEOPLE

    They blow up the oil pipeline that deprives revenue - FOR THE PEOPLE.

    Now we hear Saudis are entering Iraq in larger #'s to fight this holy jihad (read kill as many inoccent women and children as you can to get your dick in to as many virgins as you an in the afterlife)

    Fundamental Islam is the scourge of the modern era.

    Saudis in Iraq 'preparing for a holy war'
    By Mark Huband in London
    Published: August 18 2003 19:45 | Last Updated: August 18 2003 19:45
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