Saudi girl granted asylum

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    Apparently Australia has granted this young girl asylum, so she's free to come here and start a new life. There's also reports that other nations are considering the same.  Personally I think it's a good development for us to accept this girl who's safety is definitely at risk if she returned to Saudi. This is the dilemma though, and I notice a few of the extremist righties in HC are a bit confused. On one hand we have a lone girl who wants to escape the dangers of renouncing he religion back home. From what I've read in HC there's a general acceptance that this girl should be brought here, even though she is jumping the queue, and for intentional purposes she is a refugee from Saudi Arabia who will arrive by plane. The irony is that most of the resident conservatives in HC don't want any more refugees, whether they come by plane or boat or paddle board, but are welcoming this girl with open arms. It's very interesting to read, and it seems ultra conservatives do have a sense of compassion as long as they're young and female, even though they're queue jumpers, but if they're black and from Africa, or any part of the middle east, they should face their fate back where they came. It can be a funny world.
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