Saudi Aramco Prospectus

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    For those interested in reading the state of affairs at Saudi Aramco here's the 469 pager link to their Prospectus.

    Sheer scale of their numbers is staggering.

    Low breakeven costs, 10.3 million bbls per day Oil production in 2018.

    Proved reserves of 256.89 Bboe (of which 198.2 Bil bbls is crude oil). These Proved reserves were more then the combined Proved reserves of the top 5 IOC's on the planet.

    Top 3 Oilfields hold 112 Billion barrels of Crude oil, i.e Ghawar 48.254 Bil bbls, Safaniyah: 33.66 B bbls, Zuluf: 30.4 B bbls.
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