Saudi Arabia undemines Palestinians

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    John Loftus, a former federal prosecutor and author of several books,
    including 'The Secret War Against the Jews,' is currently president of the
    Florida Holocaust Museum. He has instituted a lawsuit that he claims will
    expose the Saudi-funded terrorist network in Florida and elsewhere.

    Loftus, by the way, is an Irish-Catholic. Loftus's press release about his
    lawsuit follows below. You not only should read this, but you should pass
    it on. It's an incredible tale.

    For Immediate Release

    Lawsuit to expose federal cover-up of Saudi-funded terrorist net in Florida

    The following is a statement by John Loftus:

    For 20 years, I have served without compensation as a lawyer for
    federal whistleblowers within the US intelligence community. In the last
    year, I have received highly classified information from several of
    my confidential clients concerning a Saudi covert operation. The Saudi
    relationship is so sensitive that, for more than a decade, federal
    prosecutors and counter-terrorist agents have been ordered to shut down
    their investigations for reasons of foreign policy.

    I am filing a lawsuit in Hillsborough County Court to expose the manner
    in which Florida charities were used as a money laundry for
    tax-deductible terrorism. The complaint cites specific testimony,
    including highly classified information which has never been released
    before. Simply put, the Saudi Government was laundering money through
    Florida charities run by USF Professor Sami Al Arian for the support of
    terrorist groups in the Middle East. Through the Al Arian network and
    others, the Saudi Government secretly funded Al Qaida, Hamas and Islamic
    Jihad. The Saudi purpose was twofold: the destruction of the State of
    Israel and the prevention of the formation of an independent Palestinian

    Two particular terrorist groups, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic
    Jihad, were specifically chosen and funded by the Saudis for their
    willingness to undermine Arafat's Palestinian Authority. The secret
    Saudi goal was to create such animosity between
    Israel and the Palestinian Authority that it would wreck any chance for
    the creation of an independent Palestinian State.

    Their tactics specifically called for the intimidation or murder of
    those Palestinians who were willing to work with Israel for peace. To
    put it bluntly, the covert Saudi network in
    Florida funded the murders of fellow Muslims for the crime of wanting
    to create the first democratic Arab State. Whatever harm the Israelis
    may have done, they did build an excellent public education system,
    including several universities, for the benefit of their Palestinian
    neighbors. That was the problem: * While literacy in the Arab world is
    below 50%, in Israel it is 97%.

    * Israel is the only place in the Middle East where an Arab woman can
    vote. * After 50 years, Israel has created the first Arab class exposed
    to democracy, literacy and western values. To the Saudis, a democratic
    Palestinian nation would be a cancer in the Arab world, a destabilizing
    example of freedom that would threaten Arab dictators everywhere. As
    King Fahd said, "Next to the Jews, we hate the Palestinians the most.
    " The harder the Israelis and Palestinians worked for peace, the more
    money King Fahd poured into his murder for hire program.
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