Saudi Arabia at the X-roads

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    The Iraq situation has distracted the world from the real centre of attention behind the scenes.The 9/11 attack was funded and carried out by Saudi dissadents who wish to overthrow the western propped Saudi royal family/come government.This group probably goes back as far as the Gulf War and beyond.It is well funded and intelligent.The involvement of Afghanistan is only due to geography;the dissadents used it as a base.So what happens if the Iraq leadership is changed?Nothing probably as there are many other places to plan the downfall of the Saudi royal family.That is the threat that Bush talks about but doesnt detail.It is the threat to the US backed Saudi royal family.Bush will need to control Iraq,Afghanistan,Pakistan and other Muslim countries to control the Saudi dissadents.Will he cut off their finances?Is he playing a double agent in supporting covertly the dissadents in case they succeed.An attack on Iraq will solve nothing,only the stakes will rise as it then has another area to control militarily.How is Israel going with the same policy?It is becoming to look like another Vietnam as the US gets sucked into an unwinnable war.Be prepared for a DOW meltdown when people realise that Bush is chasing shadows.Vietnam prevented the DOW from any significant rise for many years.The Europeans,Russians and a few others will see this as an opportunity to close the gap between them and the US.Remember only the US and Australia got involved in Vietnam and look at the result.Bush,like Lyndon Johnson thinks he can win;history has a habit of repeating itself!
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