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    Do not ignore G-d's displeasure at the Roadmap for "peace"

    this is against G-d's word!

    Remember the G-d of Jews is the same G-d of all Christians, speak to your local MP now and express your fears at the recent developments in the Peace Process!


    The Tenth Plague

    Is SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) the beginning of "The Tenth Plague" or is it just the Second or perhaps the Seventh? Even Moses did not know how many Plagues G-d would impose upon Pharaoh before the Tenth Plague would doom the Egyptian population to suffer the deaths of their first born.

    Each Plague was intended as a ramped up message of persuasion to Pharaoh, which he ignored. Pharaoh (Paro in Hebrew) could not bring himself to give up the vast free labor of the Israelites whom he had enslaved, as it is told. Paro had sacred cities and tombs to be built and the Hebrews seemed excellent slaves. Besides, he feared the Jews, lest they join with the enemies of Egypt to end the Pharaonic Dynasty.

    What do the nations of today once again want that they believe the Jews have? Through the centuries, primitive though powerful nations were irresistibly drawn to the Jewish people for what they believed they had. Each ancient civilization came as a conqueror to take or destroy what the Jews had built. After being destroyed, the Jews then re-built. Again they were conquered and forcibly dispersed across the globe where they contributed to the good of humanity wherever they settled. The conquerors came - each followed by others but, none could plunder more than the bricks and mortar of Jerusalem - with the exception of the Romans who looted the Temple of Solomon of its holy golden serving vessels.

    The looting of sacred vessels had many meanings. Looting paid for wars of conquest. It also demonstrated that the victors were not only more powerful as an army but, it proved "to them" that their gods were superior to those of the vanquished. Capturing sacred vessels presumed that these things had a mystical power of their own which would transfer to the victors.

    It is believed that the Holy Vessels are still held in the vaults of the Vatican and will be retained to insure that their return will not elevate the Jews’ claim to their own Temple. How do we know the golden Temple Vessels and the Temple Menorah stolen from the Jewish Temple were taken by the Romans to Rome? ‘Prima Facie’ evidence that has been in plain view for 2000 years. The original Temple Menorah is very well-depicted on the triumphal arch of Titus in Rome.

    I’m reminded of the time when the ancient Philistines managed to capture the Ark of the Covenant. The Philistines began to suffer inexplicable diseases ("Plagues") with many deaths. The Philistines virtually begged the Jews to come to take away the Ark of the Covenant. The Philistines faded away as did the great Roman Empire.

    In modern times the Jewish people returned to their ancestral homeland for which hey had longed for 2000 years in the Diaspora. They re-built again in the early twentieth century and then created an independent State of Israel fifty-five years ago.

    The nations who came to destroy and to take away the Jewish homeland had more sufficient resources in their own lands. Why did they come? The Jews seemed to have little to attract such attention -scarce water, no local gold or diamond mines - no oil. The land was tilled on hillside terraces which did not make the land an agricultural bonanza. So, what did all of these pagan nations want that they thought the Jews had?

    Clearly, the invaders had their own gods. In fact, they often had many gods. Most had a death cult worship with a privileged priesthood who promised them life after death - immortality. What of value could the Jewish people possibly offer to these powerful nations of conquerors?

    The Jews did have this One Entity. The Jews had a Covenant with the One Invisible G-d. He rescued the Jews from Egypt with Ten Plagues and gave them an unalterable Book of values, the Torah, by which to live. Clearly, the conquering nations did not want these restrictive laws which accompanied G-d’s Covenant with the Jewish people but, they did want control of the Jews’ powerful G-d.

    Today the great nations of the world want a piece or all of what the Jews have once again built. They want the Jews to submit their lives and their land to the Muslim Arabs. They want Jerusalem because that is where the Invisible G-d of the Jews dwells - on His Holy Temple Mount. All wish to claim the Eternal Capital of the Jews but, without the Jews. (Strangely, the enemies of the Jews have a greater belief in the G-d of the Jews then do some of the Jewish people.)

    But, these nations have their own gods, so what do they need with a new G-d and His Strict Rules? The Arab Muslims worship the moon god Zin, once of the desert tribes, who Mohammed declared was Allah. Mohammed in the 7th century, assured the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, that Allah was G-d and he, Mohammed, was the last prophet appointed by Allah. So, what do the Arabs want with the G-d of the Jews or the city of Jerusalem which is not mentioned even once in the Islamic Koran?

    What exactly will the Arab Muslims do with two G-ds?

    They will do the same as all other conquering nations did even when they had a panoply of gods. They will merely add another god or the G-d, HaShem, and claim leadership of all other religions. Islam has pledged to bring all peoples under the Shariah laws according to the Koranic teachings. By absorbing all other gods, the world will be one great Caliphate or "Khalifah", Islamic state worshiping Allah.

    Today, we see President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell acting as the enablers of the Islamization of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron and all the other Holy Jewish and Christian Sites on the Mount of Olives. We have already heard from a weakened Arik Sharon that he is ready to give up the ancient and holy cities of Bet El, Shilo, Schehem (Nablus), and everywhere in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and eventually the Golan Heights.

    Powell created the "Quartet", an unholy cabal of the pro-Arab U.S. State Department, the anti-Israel United Nations, the anti-Semitic European Union and Russia, whose history with their Jews is abominable. "The Quartet" has concocted a "Road Map" that is a grievous insult to the G-d of the Jews. Bible believing Jews and Christians know that one cannot insult

    G-d without paying a steep price - including all the nations of the "Quartet".

    Israel, under Bush, Powell and the unholy "Quartet", with the assistance of Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon and former PM Shimon Peres, is slated to become - not a Jewish State - but a State for all of its peoples, which translates into another Arab Muslim State. Regrettably, the Jews of Israel must also suffer for the betrayal of their nation by a leadership ready to abandon the Land to accommodate the "Quartet" and the Arab Muslims. Arik Sharon said to the Israeli people: "I never hid my beliefs", except no one believed then that he would join George Bush to father another Arab Muslim Terrorist State - in the heartland of the Jewish State of Israel.

    Powell has just visited Syria, one of the main operational bases for scores of Terrorist movements, Hamas, Hezb’Allah, Islamic Jihad, among others. Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad is presently hosting the higher authorities of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath party criminals, who arrived in Syria with hundreds of millions in American dollars. Powell, like past American diplomats, arrived to receive the disarming word of the Assads - only to leave quietly, as did all the others.

    Bush and Powell need some meaningless, political gestures of seeming agreement with Bashar so they may claim that Syria is no longer a Terrorist State Repository and that Israel can now come down from the Golan Heights, giving that superior military position away to Syria.

    Colin Powell, a pacifistic former General and head of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff during Gulf War One, could easily have been (and perhaps is) a cloaked Ambassador for the U.N., the E.U., Russia and, especially, a voice of France and Germany. He has been allowed to speak in the voice of President Bush, with NO OBJECTIONS FROM THE WHITE HOUSE! As the architect of the "Road Map", he is well-spoken, clear and present danger to Israel.

    Clearly, Powell is a natural representative of the Arabist State Department which is long known as one of Israel’s principal antagonists in the free world. This section of the American government, seriously labeled "Foggy Bottom", should have been disassembled and re-engineered long ago. The bureaucrats within this machine have detached themselves from any control by the President, the American Congress or the American people whom they are supposed to represent. Like any private corporation that has gone on too long, it’s loaded with deadwood and executives who believe the State Department exists solely to carry out their will. They definitely need the same restructuring that President Bush is putting in place for other aged and dysfunctional parts of the American government. I have little doubt that this corrupt institution will bring the Tenth Plague upon America - if it has not already done so.

    The Jews returned ‘en masse’ to their ancestral homeland to find the fields barren, the wall of Jerusalem piled high with garbage with the streets running with sewage. The Jews cleaned the stones so the City of Gold, as it was once, again seemed to shine like gold is the afternoon sun. The Jews rebuilt what the pagans had destroyed but once again, the primitives saw the beauty of a thriving Jerusalem and, once again, they wanted what the Jews had returned to her former beauty.

    The hateful nations of Europe could not bear to see the Jews thriving, away from their grasp, and so they began to assist the Arabs to again conquer the land of the Jews. In America, we had our own pagans holed up in the State Department, the Administration and the multi-national oil companies. They too wanted the Jews gone and removed from whatever power base they had achieved. The hate and resentment ran deep. They began to support the Arabs who they also didn’t like but they disliked them less than the Jews. These then are the fomenters of the Tenth Plague.

    Like Paro, we have been warned with lessor plagues, with each building toward something much greater, much worse. SARS, HIV, tornadoes, earthquakes, drought, mad cow disease, man-made Anthrax, VX, Smallpox and collapsing economies globally. Plagues can have many faces. How many will there be?

    As G-d, through Moses, led the Hebrews out of Egypt by extricating them with Ten Plagues, I believe He has heard their prayers again. Which of the Plagues will catch our attention? Which is to be the Tenth Plague? While Colin Powell and the corrupt "Quartet" are irredeemable, President Bush may yet recover for himself and the Jewish nation.

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