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santa rally comming ?

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    Well this mini rally seems to be developing some interesting overtones.

    Try as they may the bears are losing a bit of traction on the US ressession the European Crisis and the Chinese Hard landing.

    Headlines like those below are starting to creep into the doom and gloom senarios.

    Worst of China Lending Panic May Be Over: UBS

    Greece to Keep Creditor Promises: Venizelos

    China Record Boosts Confidence This Is No Bubble: Daniel Arbess

    Stocks May Have Seen Their Lows For The Year.

    I've not seen a time when sentiment can change so quickly but this little rally may grow legs and lead us to our Santa Rally .

    Now if Slovakia vote to support the EFSF and Alcoa's report is not as bad as expected we might be able to get this party going.



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