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sandybeachs slanderous/defamatory statements!

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    Additional comments:-

    sandybeaches has stated publicly to the BTV thread that non-executive director Biddle sold 6 million shares today. This is an unsubstantiated lie, and it has since been proven to be a lie by research conducted and posted by trade4profit -
    refer post in last hour! The statement posted by sandybeaches is therefore slanderous and defamatory, as well as litigeous and flaming. sandybeaches should be banned from this site as a result of the ensuing panic endured on the thread by BTV readers and investors. I will be contacting the BTV non-executive director concerned tomorrow (Biddle) to make him aware of this untrue, malicious, and slanderous accusation by sandybeachs on this site, as well as contacting ASIC and making a formal complaint against sandybeachs on the same grounds!
    A public apology by sandybeachs on the BTV thread is warranted and required to dissipitate the ensuing angst
    and concerns of readers and BVT investors who have viewed the post (150 odd), and reacted accordingly.

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