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So has the confi deed been leaked to you? Alas, you're aware...

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    So has the confi deed been leaked to you? Alas, you're aware which governing law applies? I doubt Samsung would issue LOI whereby Western Australian governing law was applicable.

    Anyway 1., ASX didn't require disclosure of parties name, hence it was omitted from the ASX disclosure. 2. I was referring to red flag i. such a large raise (as opposed to one of a number of bridging approaches) where a deal was supposedly so certain (remember Samsung under the hood since March) - such a large raise is not in the interest of existing SH and redflag ii. Poor corporate governance.

    Final thoughts - you will know the majority LOI approaches by MNC corporate VC are exploratory in nature and don't lead anywhere - it is unbinding. Hope I'm wrong for holders sake but hate to see ASX cleansing notice/raise used as gambit to raise capital and breach confi (disclosure of name not existence of LOI).


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