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same old gdn

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    "Permit request submitted in October and approval expected in mid December" Ususal GDN ramp up crap of half truths. Haha suckers!!

    Request probably put in on 31 October therefore the 75 days will be up mid January. What excuse will they use as to why issue of permit is delayed this time, somebody retired again, father christmas didn't come. You can see it coming already. Next, what excuse will they use as to why drilling start will be delayed, cold weather, snow, rig broken down. At GDN rate of operating, be lucky to have drill results before options expire in November.

    Be nice to get some good news or see something happening at more than a snails pace. Be nice if they thanked us for paying their BIG wages for the next year. No!!. After finding more water for those who believe and wait for the next dilution (probably at 2 cents) where will be hope with PB4. At some stage you would think that the brokers will have had enough with these clowns and no longer support them.

    Wish I got out at 20cents. Greedy me. Not again.
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