Salvos Convict Labor in 1815-2015

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    This week a single mother suffering anorexia & imo undiagnosed depression [former Reg Nurse] is required to work for the Dole at Salvos Lilydale 3140 between 9-5pm on Wednesday as directed by her Jobseeker network provider also in Lilydale. She has a daughter to drop off to school and cant leave before 5pm otherwise she will be cut off from income support. She has no support group to rely on to ask to pick up her daughter from school. She has little income to afford to buy the required work clothes the Salvos insist she must wear to work Black pants & white blouse.

    Now tell me this govt policy is fair and reasonable and that the Salvos military junta in this country should be so harsh and co-operate with the government in utilising 1815 Convict labour style work practices on the sick & downtrodden?
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