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    you've opened a can of worms that would been best sealed.

    the fact that you or someone else have taken the time to perhaps find out my address has sent me and a few fiends into overdrive.

    my opinion has always been what happens on hotcopper stays on hotcopper.

    even i, would never consider finding someones address. this (hotcopper) is just cyber space stuff in which people express an opinion about a share good or bad.

    sometimes people disagree with someones opinion but over time it just disappears into space and people get on with life.

    over the past few years we've had our disagreements but i've never thought i should find out your address and post it on hotcopper or perhaps even harrass you directly.

    1) just hope no one harasses my wife or daughter. I'll hold you personally responsible.

    2) back off, you have no idea with the people you are dealing with.

    i think from the above you can see how i'm feeling at present.


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