Salmat Float - Some thoughts

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    Great to see that we can now invest in the company responsible for filling our mailboxes up with garbage and half of the recycling box too!

    In these hard times its possible though to make the most of jumk mail for the Australian economy and your fellow worker - especially as Australia Post sees its mail revenue start to come under some ressure from electronic messaging (email).

    When you recieve those annoying fliers in the mail don't just throw them out. Find the ones that have self address postage paid envelopes and fill them up with the rest of your junk mail - then post them back to the company that sent them.

    Think of the benifits.

    1/ Australia Post gets additional revenue from carrying the letter.
    2/ You get rid of some of your paper recycling giving it one more useful life in its current form.
    3/ An Aussie worker gets a job opening the envelopes at the company that sent them to find which ones have some business in them.
    4/ Junk mail gets centralised at one point for collection thus cutting down collection costs.

    GO ON!! Be a patriotic Aussie recycler today and create a job for your kids!!!
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