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    Sally Malay $450m sales agreement with Sino Nickel
    15:19, Tuesday, 22 July 2003

    Sydney - Tuesday - July 22: (RWE) - Sallay Malay says it has
    signed a life-of-mine concentrate sales agreement with Sino Nickel
    involving revenue of more than $450 million.
    A $US5 million subordinated debt agreement has been signed with
    Jinchuan Group.
    Under the deal Sino Nickel, a joint venture owned 60 per cent by
    Jinchuan Group and 40 per cent by Sino Mining International, will buy
    100 per cent of annual production of nickel/copper/cobalt concentrate
    from the Sally Malay project.
    The Sally Malay concentrate will be shipped from Wyndham in WA
    to Jinchuans smelter/refinery in Gansu province, northwest China for

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