BBI 0.00% $3.98 babcock & brown infrastructure group

sailing into the agm

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    AGM coming up.

    Management must be looking forward to this opportunity to explain masterful handling of the good ship BBI in the turbulent uncharted seas of the current financial markets.LOL

    IMHO They will come out with the usual mantras we have been hearing from so many other companies at the moment

    1)Announce change in dividend distribution for fy09.

    2)That they are engaged in ongoing discussions with interested parties over asset sales.Nothing we can talk about now ,you understand,too early and discussions are at a sensitive level.

    3)They have a great relationship with their lenders

    4)They have a fantastic management team who deserve to be paid at the level of a Roman emperor or Chinese mandarin.

    Having said all that, David Hamill so far,has shown to me at least,that he has a head on his shoulders and appears to be acting in the best interest of BBI.

    Until some stability returns to the market and credit loosens up,batten down the hatches and pass me the Dramamine!
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