Safety in the Market Trading System

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    I am interested others experience in using the ABC trading systems from Saftey in the Market.

    I have paper traded it accurately (I believe) following all the rules with mixed success. No joy/opportunity with SPI200 contract frim October 2001 to April 2002. Traded 20 randomly selected stocks from ASX100 from Oct 01 to April 02 with good success showing returns of about 30% p.a. (including transactions costs) of fund required (weekly as major trend and daily as minor, in by 25% out at 100%, $15K parcels). This was a good time for most however by the looks of the All Ords chart so doesn't really prove alot. Since first of April I have charted entire ASX100 on same rules and after 25 trades have only had 3 winning trades.

    This is why I am interesed in others results in what markets?
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