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safe needles to be produced in germany

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    Pharmaunternehmen wants after Golm
    Production of new preparations against malaria and nicotine dependentness starting from 2008

    GOLM potsdam is to play in the future a central role in the world-wide fight against malaria and nicotine dependence. Again created Berlin Pharma AG (BPAG) plans a laboratory and a manufacturing distance for a new medicine against the tropical illness, which is to offer above all better healing chances to children in co-operation with international medicament manufacturers. Yesterday the 20 million euro heavy investment was officially presented by mayor Jann Jakob and BPAG Representative.

    First choice for the settlement, which is to create first approximately 50 jobs, is the Golmer founder center Go-in. As alternative one draws also a renting in the newly built Potsdamer Centrums for technology (PCT) to the Pappelallee in consideration, said BPAG Aufsichtsratschef Rudolf W. to Schötteldreier. For potsdam as laboratory and production location apart from the call as science city above all the existing infrastructure spoke, praised firm executive committee Ottmar W. violonists. It is “super” that the here already appropriate premises were reproached, said it.

    One need a laboratory with approximately 1000 square meters of surface, so violonists. Specialists from England are to go in the next weeks together with the future agency Brandenburg (ZAB) purposefully on location search. For the production of the preparations one considers both a new building in Go-in or a renting. Partners of the BPAG are for instance the Australian Eastland Medical of system Ltd., which holds also 40 per cent of the firm portions, the English Norwich Pharma Ltd. and the star Medical Botswana Ltd. from South Africa. The malaria medicine with the name Artimist is already established at the market, is to be given however for the first time orally as spray. Thus arrive it into the bloodstream and obtain “direct” effect, to avowed Schötteldreier immediately. However in Africa daily 1000 children at the illness, after tests with Artimist in Kenya die proceed one from a 98-prozentigen healing chance. Perspectively also an equivalent for adults is to be developed. Is planned to take up in the first quarter 2008 to potsdam the production of annually 100,000 doses of the medicine. Parallel one wants to produce here the preparation Nicosorb, which is to help nicotine-addicted. The administration as spray “revolutionized” according to BPAG the therapies against nicotine dependence and works thereafter already 30 seconds after income. Nicosorb is to be likewise brought in the first half to 2008 to ready for the market ones. As the third product safety essays for injection syringes are to be manufactured in potsdam, which are to reduce the risk of needle nail holes for the medical profession.

    Said the Jakobs, he was pleased about the interest and the planned settlement of the BPAG.
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