Saddams Endgame

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    I saw Bush on the TV and he looked like a wildman. I don’t think it will be long before he strikes. Last time Saddam set fire to the oilfields. He knows now that that was only a pathetic hindrance to the yanks. I think it took a year to put the fires out. This time I fear he is more prepared for defeat. He may not be able to build an atomic bomb yet but he would have made enough plutonium to pollute a vast amount of oil reserves forever. He is probably at it now. Who said he wanted to build a bomb. We know that a high oil price is bad for the western economics and he has the ability to ensure that oil rockets. He will not go down without something big to remember him by. He is a very dangerous madman.Lets hope he just takes a missile early on like his mate in the hills.
    Just a thought
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