Saddam - Perfect Score !!!!

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    I wasn't sure about whether this should be posted under humourous.

    Saddam won 99.96 percent in a first referendum in 1995. Officials have said privately they wanted an even higher percentage this time, with some hoping for a perfect 100 percent "Yes" result.

    You really got to wonder about this "Crony".

    I think the Ballot Paper may have looked something like this.

    Should Saddam be re-elected for a further 7yrs???

    IF "YES", How many toes should we cut of for the ones that said "No"?

    11 toes (obviously Saddam's vote, He still can't count)
    10 or less ( remainder)

    IF "NO", How many Toes would you like cut of ???

    11 toes
    10 or more.

    Cheers markco
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