saddam must be nuts....!

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    Whether-or-not you do or dont agree with the reasons for the imminent war in Iraq, at some stage even you died-in-the-wool supporters or rather anti-American posters must ask this question.

    If the attack proceeds, is not Hussein responsible for the innocent deaths that will occur???

    A parallel - at least Japan and Germany knew when they were done and surrendered to avoid the inevitable.

    Surely SH realises he cannot hope to prevail and to perservere in this brinksmanship will lead to civilian casualties.

    Is that not then his fault????

    Surely even here in Australia, if there was an overwhelming threat to this country and we were done, unless the belief was that the invaders would kill all survivors, the govt would sue for peace - perhaps even an unconditional surrender.

    That supposition of imminent genocide by the Yanks and Brits in Iraq is a nonsense - so why not capitulate now!?

    Because he's nuts!!!
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